A new look for Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak

The median at 13 Mile Road and Woodward has been transformed by the City of Royal Oak, in partnership with the Woodward Avenue Action Association, MDOT and the Federal Highway Administration with a spectacular solar-powered, 30-foot glass and concrete interpretive public art piece to commemorate Woodward’s designation as an All-American Road.

The Royal Oak Tribute is the third Tribute on Woodward. Currently, two Tributes are located on Woodward: one in the City of Ferndale and the other in the City of Pontiac. In addition to the Royal Oak Tribute, the WA3 is installing a Tribute in the City of Highland Park.

Designed by local artist Kyle Evans, the Royal Oak Tribute features images reflecting an auto cruising and drive in theme. Each Tribute is designed to symbolize various themes depicting the history and future of Woodward Avenue including automotive history, music, arts and culture heritage, transportation, labor and innovation.

What do you think of the Tributes?

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One thought on “A new look for Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak

  1. Charlene Tylen says:

    I think the tribute is wonderful. Woodward has been a part of my
    life since I was a teenager, cruising, shopping, and restauranting.
    Woodward is a warm fuzzy or comfort food to me. Thank you.

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