Beaumont Medical Transportation assisting storm victims in New York

ground_transport_beaumont(Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News)

A photo appearing on the homepage of Yahoo! today shows medical transportation workers from Beaumont Health System assisting in the evacuation of patients from New York’s Bellevue Hospital. According to the article, “About 500 patients at the city hospital near the East River in Manhattan are affected. Bellevue has one of the busiest emergency departments in the city.”

(Notice one of the workers with the Detroit Tigers baseball cap showing some Detroit love.)

Update: We were lucky enough to get some additional photos from some of our transport workers live on the scene. You’ll see some photos of the destruction of the storm as well as the lines of ambulances there to assist.

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4 thoughts on “Beaumont Medical Transportation assisting storm victims in New York

  1. Jennifer Havens says:

    A live shot was also aired on CNN last night (10/31).

  2. Donna Craft says:

    Saw it on CNN as well, my daughter lives in NYC, her husband NYPD has been working non stop. She saw the Beaumont ambulance, she was proud knowing her mom works at Beaumont back at home in Michigan…so proud Beaumont!

  3. Charlene Tylen says:

    Awesome Beaumont! A friend in need… My heart goes out to
    the Hurricane Sandy victims. Been through something similar.
    You never forget it.

  4. Barb Covello says:

    Being from NY and having lots of family and friends affected by the storm, I’m really proud of Beaumont for going out of it’s way to help. Very cool!

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