Beaumont’s Top 5 Social Moments of 2012

We’ve put together our list of the most memorable social media stories from Beaumont for 2012 – heartwarming stories, a cowboy, a live-tweeted surgery and much more! We’re looking forward to another action-packed 2013 and sharing more amazing stories from Beaumont Health System.


Back in March we held a baby story contest through the Beaumont Facebook page asking for parents to share their child’s birth story. Winners were announced on Mother’s Day and you can check out a recap here.


In August, Leslie, a former Beaumont cowboyBeaumont stroke patient, rode his horses all the way from Dublin, Texas to Beaumont to visit his vascular surgeon and show him the progress he’s made. What a trip!

Here he is with Angel, one of the horses he brought on the five-and-a-half month journey.


Beaumont medical transportA photo appearing on the homepage of Yahoo! in November showed medical transportation workers from Beaumont Health System assisting in the evacuation of patients from New York’s Bellevue Hospital after Hurricane Sandy.

According to the article, “About 500 patients at the city hospital near the East River in Manhattan are affected. Bellevue has one of the busiest emergency departments in the city.”


One of our Twitter followers nonchalantly asked for her life to be narrated by the voice of the Beaumont commercials. Since we couldn’t narrate her whole life, we had to settle for having our voice read back some of her tweets:


Earlier this month, Beaumont became one of just a handful of hospitals to live tweet a surgery, when Charlotte Ponce went in for her fifth surgery in as many months. The surgery was a milestone in reconstructing Charlotte’s nose after a raccoon attack left her severely disfigured when she was an infant.

Check out this photo gallery of her progress from the Grand Rapids Press.

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