Around Beaumont – “The Beaumont Family”

After taking a quick picture of this sculpture (depicting a mother, a father and two children) on the Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak campus this fall, I wanted to find out a little more about its history. Here are some interesting facts I learned:

  • It was created by world-renowned sculptor Marshall Fredericks.
  • Fredericks’ other notable works include “Spirit of Detroit” outside of Detroit city government headquarters; “Christ on the Cross” in Indian River; and the “Star Dream” sculpture in downtown Royal Oak.
  • The sculpture was a gift to the hospital in 1954 from Lola Jennings Erb in memory of her late husband.
  • It stands 16-feet tall and weighs over 300 pounds. It is made of polished aluminum.

What is your favorite piece of art on Beaumont’s campuses? Are there other pieces of art around Beaumont that you’ve wondered the origin of?

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2 thoughts on “Around Beaumont – “The Beaumont Family”

  1. Just wanted to add two other visible Marshall Fredericks pieces that I’ve run into: Two Bears at the Sterling Heights Public Library and “Lion and Mouse” at Eastland Mall.

  2. Terri Downs says:

    Marshall Fredericks is a favorite of mine. He was invited here from Florida in the early 30s to join the teaching staff at Cranbrook. He raised his family in Birmingham and had a studio right on Woodward in Royal Oak. When he passed away, his family gave his entire studio contents to Saginaw Valley State University as an endowment. They have a good-sized museum on their campus dedicated to him.

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