The Two (Treasure) Towers

As a way to motivate and reward children undergoing medical procedures, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, has introduced the treasure tower reward system.

Treasure tower“Before a child has a procedure done, they’re given a golden token that they can use at the treasure tower once their procedure is over,” says Kathleen Grobbel, supervisor of Child Life Services, Beaumont Children’s Hospital. These coin-operated toy dispensers can be found at two different locations in the main hospital, including 5 South Pediatrics and Pediatric Short Stay, with an additional treasure tower at the outpatient lab in the Medical Office Building.

Each treasure tower offers eight varieties of novelty items for children to choose from, including jewelery, bouncy balls and other small toys.

“Prior to the treasure towers, we used to have toy bins, which were difficult to maintain, more expensive to fill and less popular with the kids,” says Kathleen. “Not only do the kids enjoy the treasure towers, but so do their families.”

Due to the small size of the toys and items in the towers, tokens are only given to children ages 4 and up; children under the age of 4 receive an age-appropriate rubber duck instead. Additionally, the treasure towers accept both tokens and quarters, so a patient’s sibling or friend may also collect a toy.

Employees from all three areas have noticed the advantages of the treasure towers since their introduction in mid-October of last year. Animated facial expressions and wide-eyed gazes are common reactions among pediatric outpatients when they receive their gold, ‘special patient award’ tokens, according to members of the phlebotomy team.

“The treasure tower has been a wonderful addition to the MOB,” says Jennie Green, phlebotomy supervisor of the outpatient labs. “It gives our younger patients something to look forward to, and tends to take their mind off of the procedure.” The MOB has also experienced the highest volume of treasure tower enthusiasts, which, between Jan. 7 and Feb. 13 of this year alone, awarded 310 of the special coins.

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