Beaumont sports medicine docs are P-T-Pers, baby! | NCAA Tournament

Photo courtesy of the Palace of Auburn Hills

Photo courtesy of the Palace of Auburn Hills

As many NCAA basketball fans fill out their March Madness brackets and choose an eventual winner, Beaumont orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists, Drs. Guettler, Bicos and Biglin are preparing to serve as the official team docs for the NCAA Division I 2nd and 3rd rounds at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

The three docs will be there for all six games, as well as the team practices, which begin today. Because the physicians are covering all of the games at the Palace, they’ll be the official team docs for both local schools – Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.

We’ll be posting updates of their experience through Saturday. Check back or subscribe for updates!

We asked each physician about their expectations going into the tournament:

“As a former wrestler at Valparaiso University, I love it when an underdog advances in the NCAA Division I Men’s  Basketball Tournament. As a former “doctor in training” at Duke University, I realize that the stakes are indeed high when it comes to this time of year – it’s all or nothing.

As a husband from Valpo who married a wife from Michigan State, I understand that a house can stand divided, but still persevere. As a Beaumont doctor and basketball fan lucky enough to cover this great event at the Palace – I am a fan second and a doctor first.  However, the minute I walk out those doors, I’m just another fan. What fun! Your Beaumont docs will ensure that there is nothing but smooth sailing.”

Dr. Joseph Guettler


“Although we take care of athletes of all ages, from the grade school athlete to the weekend warrior, the elite level athlete is what we also excel at.  In a fast-moving tournament such as the NCAA, with the stakes high, you need to be on your game and make quick, rational, medial decisions.  With our previous elite level athlete experience, our team is qualified to handle just about anything thrown our way, but hopefully we will leave all the excitement on the court for the teams and the fans!”

Dr. James Bicos


“As a new member of the Beaumont – Oakland University team physicians, I am honored to be one of the docs covering the NCAA tournament. I’m having a blast being a part of this group. I’m excited for these athletes at this time of year –  NCAA National Championships! As a former swimmer for Michigan State University, and with my Alma matter playing at the Palace, it gets me fired up to just to be there. But, as Dr. Joe said, we are doctors first and fans second – outside those doors of the Palace. We will be there, ready to provide the best care possible. Keeping it safe!”

Dr. Pete Biglin

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2 thoughts on “Beaumont sports medicine docs are P-T-Pers, baby! | NCAA Tournament

  1. Dr Bicos says:

    The game is exciting. MSU definitely making its stand but Valpo still fighting.

  2. Dr Bicos says:

    Well, first game went to State.

    Memphis vs St Mary’s next. St Mary’s coming from a game yesterday!

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