Does my child need a tutor?

chd_tutoringAt a time of the year when most students are concentrating on graduation or summer vacation, some parents are asking themselves a serious question – does my child need a tutor?

Diane Latimer, who oversees the tutoring program at Beaumont Children’s Hospital’s Center for Human Development offers tips for parents to gauge if their child needs professional help with schoolwork.

While traditional tutoring services focus on a particular subject or curriculum that a student may be struggling with, therapeutic tutoring employs a remedial approach to learning. A therapeutic tutor may focus on basic learning skills such as organization, studying, test preparation and test taking.

Tips to determine if your child may benefit from tutoring:

  • Isn’t finishing his class work in school or his homework at home
  • New concepts are difficult for him to master
  • Has difficulty understanding verbal and/or written instructions
  • Performs poorly on tests
  • His teacher expresses concern about his progress, attention or behavior
  • Cries, throws a temper tantrum, refuses to do homework with parent’s help
  • “Forgets” to bring homework home or to turn in homework at school; misses homework deadlines; refuses to show parents papers, tests or class work
  • Demonstrates a lack of confidence; “I’m too stupid”, “I don’t get it”, “No one likes me”
  • Complains of stomach aches, headaches, tiredness and/or has trouble sleeping
  • He struggles with the learning process and does not seem to be progressing at the same rate as his/her classmates.
  • When a parent is helping with his homework, it is evident the student does not understand concepts, instructions or the teacher’s expectation
  • Exhibits behavioral problems such as poor attention, disruptive behavior, crying, aggressive or attention-seeking behavior

If you’ve made the decision that your child could benefit from tutoring, check with your child’s school to see what programs are available. Clinicians and diagnostic centers that provide academic and psychological testing for learning problems are another good referral source. Pediatricians, psychologists and counselors are also knowledgeable about good tutors in the area. Don’t be afraid to talk with other parents, co-workers, friends or others in your community.

Beaumont’s Center for Human Development is offering two programs that will help your child return to school this fall with renewed confidence and new skills to ensure a more successful and rewarding school year. You can now make reservations for the one-hour tutorial sessions (offered June 17 – Aug. 16). Call 248-691-4764 to register or for additional information.

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