I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

When the Beaumont Blog first launched last year, our first post was about a group of “Pediatric Pedalers” riding their specially adapted bikes at a family bike event. Fast forward almost one full year and another group of kids spent their weekend being fitted for and trying out their new, specially designed bikes as part of Beaumont Children’s Hospital’s 9th annual Bike Day!

For many of the physically challenged children receiving bikes, it is the first time they’ve been able to ride one. This year, more than 50 special needs children got special bicycles.

“A lot of dedication, service and the passion for making a difference in the lives of the children was the mission of all the staff who worked many hours behind the scenes,” says Manjula Amarnath, Director of Pediatric Rehab Services at Beaumont. “The beauty of this event is that each and every time it strikes a chord and makes you feel the worth of serving these deserving children and their families.”

Bikes customized for children living with a disability cannot be found at local bike shops or big box retailers. Depending on specific needs, bikes are modified or customized for each child. Some are even pedaled by hand.

Each year, Beaumont’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Program, in partnership with the Beaumont Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network, brightens the lives of children who are living with a disability by giving them a custom bike that meets their specialized needs.

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One thought on “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

  1. My son is a SE teacher ASD specialist…from the stories I have heard the feeling of mastering this skill we all take for granted reaches far beyond being one of the regular kids…especially of an ASD child it will add connection to the world they try so hard to relate to…what a terrific program..proud mother of the “Child Whisperer”

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