Beaumont Nurse Named Green Cruiser of the Year


(Photo credit: Forester Fotographic)

Matthew Faraday, avid cyclist and Beaumont nurse, is the 2013 winner of the Sierra Club Southeast Michigan Group’s “Green Cruiser of the Year” award.

As a bike commuter riding to Beaumont Hospital, Matt became involved with Beaumont’s Green Team and began working to promote bike commuting to the hospital and spearheaded a mapping project that led to a cycling route map of southeastern Oakland County.

After receiving the award, Matt also received an official letter of congratulations from Steven Bieda, a member of the Michigan Senate, who represents the 9th District, which includes Macomb County.

We asked Matt a few questions about this award and his biking habits:

What does being named Green Cruiser of the Year mean to you?

Advocating for bikes has always been a “labor of love”. The nomination by our local Sierra Club chapter for bicycle advocacy came as a shock to me. I never expected to get public recognition for just doing something I love to do. More than anything though, the recognition is for all of the members of Beaumont’s Green Team. If it wasn’t for the vision of the Green Team, this would have never been possible.

What is your favorite season to ride?

Fall is the perfect temperature to ride. Jeans and a short sleeve shirt in the day, a zip up at night. No sweat, no snow, you can’t beat it. Also, all the best mountain bike races are in the fall.

What would you say to somebody that hasn’t biked in the area or is considering commuting by bike?

bike buttonJust do it. Don’t worry about buying a fancy bike or special bike clothes, your work clothes and the bike you probably already own will work just fine. Spend a day off riding to and from work to get a route down, and so you know how long it takes to get there. Check the weather and pick a day that’s going to be warm and dry, and go for it! You’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

Riding my bicycle to work adds an extra five minutes to my commute, and when I arrive to work I’m less stressed, more awake and ready to attack the day. I think everyone owes it to themselves to try it at least once!

Join us in congratulating Matt on this great honor!

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One thought on “Beaumont Nurse Named Green Cruiser of the Year

  1. Lucy says:

    Congrats Matt! Thanks for being such an advocate for a green and healthy lifestyle!

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