Be a healthy Halloween host

Try searching "healthy Halloween snacks" on Pinterest for inspiration, like these blackberry and cantaloupe kabobs.

Try searching “healthy Halloween snacks” on Pinterest for inspiration, like these blackberry and cantaloupe kabobs.

Halloween is here! Department and grocery stores will soon be selling out of bags of candy and festive Halloween decorations. Halloween is the time for your creative side to be unleashed. Navigating costume parties that involve elaborate spreads of spooky snacks and ghoulish treats such as spicy buffalo wings, candy corn and caramel apples can truly be scary.

However, Halloween doesn’t have to be about the sugary treats. It could be about making homemade healthy recipes instead by providing your friends and family with a colorful and festive healthy Halloween themed menu. This could easily be accomplished by serving a variety of food options for your guests to eat and using decorative pieces to enhance your display. Here are some quick, easy, and healthy non-boo-ring recipes:

  • Instead of traditional caramel apples, make peanut butter apples
  • Make clementine oranges fun by decorating the peel with a pumpkin face
  • Witches finger using a carrot stick and an almond slice as the nail
  • Using an orange bell pepper, cut the top off, and fill it with hummus and other veggies
  • Make your own homemade trail mix with dried fruit and a variety of nuts
  • Make skewers using different fruits

These are just a few healthy food swaps that you can do in order to prevent breaking the bank and your waist band. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy the season!

What are some of your healthy Halloween favorites? Follow Beaumont’s “Have a healthy fall!” board on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.
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