Personal Training – Fact or Fiction

by Ryanne Moroschan BGS, ACE-LWMC and Stephanie Vella, RD, Sola Life & Fitness

personal_trainingMost people have heard of personal training, but how many actually know what including a personal trainer in your workout or fitness routine is actually like? Answer the following questions about physical trainers with FACT or FICTION. The answers may surprise you!

  1. Trainers are just for the elite athletes.
  2. Personal training requires a long-term commitment.
  3. Sola’s personal trainers are highly educated.
  4. Trainers are for body builders.


  1. FICTION – Trainers can help you reach your fitness goals no matter your athletic ability. Trainers can guide you in correct form to prevent injury.
  2. FICTION – There are benefits to just one training session. Trainers can create a personalized fitness plan for you, and the long-term commitment you make? That’s up to you!
  3. FACT – Sola’s experienced fitness staff hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees in kinesiology, exercise science and/or exercise physiology.
  4. FICTION – Strength training is only one aspect of physical fitness. Trainers can provide routines that incorporate flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Sola’s personal trainers are experts in exercise physiology and can help you set specific, realistic and measurable goals. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged if your goals are too vague, too lofty, or you can’t tell if you’re making progress on a regular basis. Personal trainers provide accountability, support and encouragement to help you get the results you want! Our fitness and nutrition experts can also help guide you if you’re not seeing the results you want or are tired of the same old diet and exercise routine.

Research shows combining an exercise routine with proper nutrition can dramatically improve overall health and wellness. Sola’s registered dietitians are also available to provide personalized nutrition assessments to help facilitate healthy lifestyle changes.

This holiday season at Sola Life & Fitness get the gift of health and wellness! Now through December 21, enjoy 20% off all personal training services! Discounted 3, 10 and 20 pack training sessions are available for personal training, nutrition counseling, Pilates reformer training and yoga therapy. Call 248-267-5600 for details.

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