10 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

10 healthy resolutionsIf you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for inspiration, try one (or two) of these healthy options:

#1: Cook More, Eat Out Less
Cooking more meals at home will not only help save money but help you eat healthier and provide meals for lunches and dinners during the week. Learn new ways to spice up your kitchen by taking a Beaumont healthy cooking class.

#2: Small Steps, Not Big Reps
Don’t expect to go from the couch to a 5K overnight. Take small steps first and build towards your goals. Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Take a walk every morning or after dinner. Go to the gym three times a week instead of two. Add 25-50 push-ups and sit-ups to your daily routine. Eventually the small steps will allow you to take bigger steps and reach larger goals.

#3: Drink More Water
Your body needs adequate water for muscles and organs and dehydration makes your skin look dry and wrinkled. Drink at least eight big glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, happy and looking your best.

#4: Don’t Drink Your Calories
It’s easy to consume hundreds of calories a day in beverages alone. A medium mocha is 400 calories, a glass of orange juice is 100 calories and a 16z bottle of regular soda is 200 calories. That’s 35% of your daily calories (for a 2,000-calorie diet) without eating any solid food. Rather than drink those calories, substitute brewed coffee, an actual orange or other calorie-free beverages like water.

#5: Sleep More
Sleep is good for your mind and body, helping keep you more mentally fresh and looking better. Lack of sleep is linked to a greater risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes as well as problems with attention and memory retention. Adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night— and don’t think you can cheat and make up for lost sleep on the weekend.

#6 This is the Year to Quit Smoking
Smokers, you don’t need us to lecture you on why to quit now. We know smoking is one of the toughest habits to break, but Beaumont offers classes and support groups to help you go smoke free in the New Year. Check out a list of classes designed to provide a supportive and encouraging environment to help you finally kick the habit.

#7: Schedule a Physical
Regular check-ups are important. Taking a proactive approach to health and maintaining a relationship with your doctor can help diagnose issues before they become real problems or just give you the peace of mind that all’s well.

#8: No Fad Diets in 2014
There’s no substitute for a healthy nutrition and exercise plan. Fad diets can lead to dramatic changes in a short amount of time, but they’re nearly impossible to maintain and generally lead to higher net weight gain. Don’t adopt the Dukan Diet, the Alkaline Diet or the Baby Food Diet. Learn healthy eating habits and make changes that will last.

#9: Eat Breakfast
Skipping breakfast makes weight control a lot more difficult. Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual in the middle of the day and are more likely to nibble on high calorie snacks over the course of the day. Eat a regular balanced breakfast that includes a serving of lean protein, high fiber and fruit.

#10: Floss
Flossing is about more than dental health. Regular flossing can help prevent bacterial infections like endocarditis (infection of the inner lining of the heart), cardiovascular disease and general bacterial infections in the body. A clean mouth can promote a clean body, so floss every day.

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