New waiting area designed just for kids

To help young visitors at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak have a better experience, the waiting room on 3 East was renovated to include a special section just for kids.

“This used to be one, big, open waiting area,” says Geraldine Drake, interior design program standards manager. “We received some feedback from patients and visitors that there was nowhere for their children to go to unwind and have activities, so we designed this space into the renovation.”

The Children’s Creative Play Space is adjacent to the intensive care unit, so all activities will be quiet play. Arts and crafts, board and card games, books and a charming water-themed play area are all available to help young ones let off energy and be kids for a little while.

The renovated waiting room was designed with green initiatives in mind. Many items were locally sourced, which cuts down on transportation emissions from delivery trucks and helps grow the economy.

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One thought on “New waiting area designed just for kids

  1. Jacqui Krupa says:

    very cool and such a great idea. As a mom of young children I always appreciate when I go somewhere that they have things for the kids to do and be distracted.

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