Beaumont urologists embark on medical mission to Africa

A team of Beaumont urologists flew to Zambia last week on their seventh annual medical mission trip to provide specialty surgical care to African patients. Kenneth Peters, M.D., and Larry Sirls, M.D., headed the Beaumont team, which included surgical residents and nursing staff. 

by Kenneth Peters, M.D., Chief, Urology, Beaumont, Royal Oak

Surgical mission

Beaumont staff members spent the day packing medical supplies to use on the medical mission trip to Zambia.

After flying nearly 8,000 miles, we have safely arrived in Lusaka, Zambia. While our team is relatively small, there is a huge community that is helping to support our work. Funding for the trip is provided by the Michael Ingber Africa Fund and Growing Hearts of Africa, a foundation created by the families of Michael Barer, M.D. and Sol Barer, M.D.  In addition, we have had many grateful patients and friends donate to our mission work.

The excitement for the trip has been growing for the past several weeks as we gathered and packed supplies that the African hospitals usually lack. This year, we have collected over 500 pounds of medical supplies, packed in 11 pieces of luggage. Unfortunately, it is all being held up in customs in Lusaka, Zambia. Hopefully, we will get our supplies tomorrow.

Today, we met with Dr. John Kachimba. In 2004, Dr. Kachimba spent a year with the urology fellowship program at Beaumont, an educational experience that was funded by the Ministrelli Program for Urology Research and Education (MPURE). Dr. Kachimba, who was born and raised in Africa, helps to organize the surgical trip, which provides care to men, women and children with urologic conditions. We will be traveling to Monze, Zambia on Tuesday to do the majority of our patient evaluations and surgeries.

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7 thoughts on “Beaumont urologists embark on medical mission to Africa

  1. Dr. Peters, How many patients do you expect to evaluate?

  2. Deb Morse says:

    We are so blessed to live in the United States where we have the best possible medical care in the world. I love to see that our Beaumont doctors are sharing their medical skills with people in other countries who do not have the medical knowledge and technology available to them. I’m proud to be part of the Beaumont team!

  3. Tina Paquette says:

    Dr. Peters is one of the best urology doctors around. Bless him and his mission.

  4. Susan Bresler says:

    Beaumont employees raised more than $5,000 for this program thorugh their gifts & pledeges to the 2014 Team Giving Campaign!

  5. Meghan Sinnamon says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  6. Lindsay Murphy, RN says:

    What a great story! It is a truly special experience to be able to take Beaumont-quality care across the globe. Best of health and success to you and your team!!

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