8 Steps to a Better Breakfast

8 Steps to a Better BreakfastWe all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but we don’t always have time to devote to elaborate morning meals. Whatever you do, don’t skip it; not eating breakfast can lead to overeating later in the day. A good breakfast provides energy and sets the stage for healthy decisions all day long. Try out these 8 tips for a better breakfast:

1. Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is as simple to prepare as it is good for you. Mix up your everyday apple or orange routine with lightly caramelized grapefruit  or fresh blackberries over plain non-fat greek yogurt (for protein and calcium), drizzled with honey and raw almonds.

2. Go for grains

Eating a hearty, filling breakfast will make you less inclined to overindulge later in the day. Try oats, farro, quinoa, or even polenta for a protein-packed meal – the perfect foundation for a yummy breakfast. Overnight oatmeal can be assembled well in advance and left to firm up in the fridge, leaving you with a quick, ready-to-eat meal come morning.

3. Homemade is always better

Pre-packaged granola bars are certainly convenient for grab-and-go meals, but most store-bought bars are full of unnecessary sugars. Cut back on calories with delicious, no-bake bar recipes that can be easily assembled on the weekend to get you out the door on time all week. 

4. How about a milkshake?

Yes, you heard that correctly – a chocolate milkshake can be a perfectly healthy breakfast option, when made with frozen bananas! Blend up bananas with cocoa powder and a splash of milk for a deliciously creamy breakfast you’d swear is dessert. Add peanut butter or unsweetened coconut for an extra special treat.

5. Build a better breakfast sandwich

You don’t have to bid farewell to your favorite breakfast sandwich – but instead of the sodium-laden version at the drive-thru, make a low-fat sandwich at home. A whole grain English muffin is the perfect base for a sandwich of fluffy scrambled eggs! Skip the salty breakfast meats in favor of fresh spinach, sliced tomato or avocado.

6. Utilize leftovers

When you’re especially short on time, yesterday’s dinner fixings can be the start of a delicious omelette or even a breakfast burrito. Scramble two eggs while you assemble brown rice, sliced avocado, and sautéed peppers and onions on a whole wheat tortilla. Top with salsa and enjoy on the go!  

7. A healthier hash brown

Sometimes, you can’t beat a traditional breakfast of fried eggs, toast, and hash browns. Use two eggs instead of three, and consider toasting whole wheat bread; then, up your morning nutrient intake by slicing fresh sweet potatoes into matchsticks. Add a bowl of fresh fruit on the side, and you’re certain to be satisfied until lunchtime.

8. Skip the juice

One of the easiest ways to cut calories from your morning routine is to skip sugary fruit juices on the side. If you prefer the convenience of a liquid breakfast, opt instead for a “green” smoothie made with apples, bananas, and kale; by juicing the fruits yourself, you’ll retain fiber and nutrients to keep you full longer.

What’s your favorite healthy breakfast? Share in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “8 Steps to a Better Breakfast

  1. Ashley Soutar says:

    These are all great suggestions. I make a couple different breakfasts depending on my mood. My favorite is one scrambled egg with hot sauce and a fresh green smoothie (kale,spinach, apples, pears, berries, pineapple, and water) basically whatever fruit I have with some greens. I also like plain rolled oats with honey, cut up any fruit I have and cinnamon to go with my egg if I don’t feel like the smoothie! You’ll be full until lunch time for sure! Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Diane Cary says:

    Do you have any recipies for home-made granola bars?

  3. Liz says:

    Great ideas. I make breakfast egg muffins every weekend. Put cooked bacon, sweet potatos, onions, peppers and egg into muffin pan and bake for 10-15 mins(depending on how many) until “almost done”. That way when I warm them up in the microwave each morning they don’t overcook. 🙂

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