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3-year-old making remarkable progress; draws strength from family

AzariaAzaria came into the world on Halloween in 2010. Maurice and Mayna, Azaria’s biological aunt and uncle, have cared for her since her birth, providing a loving home and seeing to the little girl’s every need. Her name means “helped by God.”

“She has been a blessing to our home and we can’t imagine life without her,” Mayna says.

But, Azaria’s early years have not been without complications.

Just weeks after her birth, she was diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a serious lung condition. A few weeks later, at two months of age, Azaria was diagnosed with an extremely rare 5q11 chromosomal translocation and familial adenomatous polyposis, a hereditary disease associated with the development of colon cancer. At age 1, doctors diagnosed her with chronic lung disease and at age 2, a seizure disorder.

This combination of diagnoses caused severe developmental delays and left Azaria unable to interact with her parents.

While life hasn’t always been easy, her parents are pleased to report Azaria is making remarkable progress with the help of her Beaumont Children’s Hospital doctors.

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When to be concerned about headaches in children

by Elizabeth Leleszi, M.D., pediatric neurologist, medical director of the Beaumont Children’s Hospital Headache Center

It’s one of the statements a parent never wants to hear from a child: “Mom, I have a headache.” What should you do when a headache strikes?

headache_center_lelesziHeadaches are a common source of complaints for children. At the Beaumont Children’s Hospital Headache Center, parents and caregivers tells us that many questions race through their minds when their child complains of a headache. They wonder how best to treat them and worry that something could seriously be wrong.

At what point does my child’s headache warrant a trip to the doctor? Could it be a brain tumor? How much is too much pain medication? And am I using it too frequently? What can I do to treat my child’s headache at home?

You should consider seeing your child’s doctor if the headache:

  • starts after your child hits his or her head
  • awakens your child from sleep at night
  • is accompanied by a high fever (greater than 100.4 F) and other signs of infection, such as a stiff neck, vomiting, difficulty with walking, changes in vision or confusion

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Dancing to Make a Difference | Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan

by Lauren Sofen, PT,  pediatric physical therapist, Beaumont Children’s Hospital


Showcasing my dance moves at     DMUM 2013.

Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) is the largest student organization on campus, raising funds and awareness for pediatric rehabilitation.

Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan improves the quality of life for children with disabilities by:

  • developing relationships between college students and participating families
  • raising funds in a creative and energetic manner to support pediatric rehabilitation programs
  • educating the campus and community about our cause

DMUM has been a staple funding source to the Center for Children’s Rehabilitation at Beaumont Children’s Hospital for the past 16 years and is in fact one of the reasons I work at Beaumont today. I joined the Beaumont team in September as a pediatric physical therapist, after a decade away from metro Detroit. During my time away I worked in some of the leading hospitals in the world, in a variety of settings including completing a pediatric residency in Philadelphia, but there was always something missing…

I was working with top physicians, the latest technology and an international population of patients, but I was missing the aspect of my job that got me passionate about PT in the first place – there were no programs to improve kids’ skills and well-being outside of the clinic atmosphere. DMUM provides funding for equipment and a wide variety of special therapeutic programs that go on throughout the year at a significantly discounted rate for families. This discounted rate is most notable because these programs are supplementary and not covered by insurance.

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Should I Take My Child to the Emergency Center or Urgent Care? | Ask a Beaumont Doctor

by James Ziadeh, M.D., chief of emergency services at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak; Pediatric Emergency Center

Ask A Beaumont Doctor ZiadehEvery parent faces this dilemma at some point: When your child becomes sick or injured, whether it’s a weekend fall on the playground or a fever spiking in the early morning hours, you have a quick decision to make. Should you head straight to a hospital emergency center or an urgent care clinic?

After-hours clinic (often called “urgent care”) are a good option if your pediatrician’s office is closed and your child has a fever, flu-like symptoms, mild injuries like a non-displaced fracture or a cut, or an earache, cough, cold, sore throat or skin irritation.

For anything more serious, you should get to a hospital emergency center staffed by pediatric-trained physicians as soon as possible.

Injuries and illnesses worthy of a trip to the emergency center include:

  • wheezing or shortness of breath
  • severe lacerations that might require sedation to close
  • displaced fractures
  • fainting, dizziness, weakness
  • bleeding that can’t be stopped
  • abdominal pain
  • fever with convulsions or any fever in children under three months
  • confusion or changes in mental status
  • coughing or vomiting blood
  • severe headache, head injuries
  • blood in the urine, or bloody diarrhea

Children receive excellent emergency care in a child-friendly environment at Beaumont’s emergency centers. The Beaumont Pediatric Emergency Center in Royal Oak offers board-certified pediatric emergency physicians and pediatric nurses on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services are also supported by specialists in nearly every pediatric and surgical specialty.

Our pediatric emergency physicians work closely with their colleagues at Beaumont Hospital, Troy and Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe to ensure your family has access to our expertise no matter which Beaumont emergency center you visit.
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NBA Alumni Visit Beaumont Children’s Hospital for a Day of Caring

The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) partnered with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals on December 19 for a “Day of Caring.” Members of the newly-formed NBRPA Detroit Chapter spent time with patients, family and staff at Beaumont Children’s Hospital, wishing them happy holidays, sharing some shooting tips and signing autographs. Included in the visit were Willie Norwood (Detroit Pistons), Maceo Baston (Indiana Pacers/University of Michigan) and Earl Higgins (Indiana Pacers/Eastern Michigan University).

According to the NBRPA website, more than 40 former professional basketball players from the NBA, ABA and Harlem Globetrotters participated in the “Day of Caring,” visiting patients at children’s hospitals in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando and Phoenix.

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Holiday gifts to promote childhood speech and language development

by Kristina Frimmel, pediatric speech pathology supervisor, Beaumont Children’s Hospital

The holidays are here!  And with them comes the barrage of toy catalogs in the mailbox.

beau_giftsThere are many great gifts for kids out there that will captivate your little ones for hours and hours while providing the added benefit of promoting healthy childhood speech and language development along with other important childhood skills. As you start checking things off that holiday gift list, consider the following tips from the Speech and Language Pathology Center at Beaumont Children’s Hospital.

In general, when picking out toys for your child look for gifts that introduce your toddler to new concepts, like cause and effect (ball poppers, wind-up toys, hammer toys, etc.) or toys with different textures (soft vs. hard, fuzzy, squishy).

As you browse online or travel through the aisles, think too about how you will encourage your child to interact with the toys. This may be the greatest opportunity for parents to turn a toy into driver of healthy speech and language development. For example, look for:

  • ways to increase verbal expressive skills. For example, your child must say “go” to make the car go down the ramp or must say “more” to get the bunny to hop.
  • ways to increase comprehension skills. Ask your child to respond to requests or questions about the toy. For example: give me the big car, show me eat, touch the phone, what is the baby doing?
  • ways to increase functional play skills: Help your child learn about the world around us by using common objects and playing appropriately with each item (i.e. talk on phone, make the car drive).

Here are a few holiday gift ideas that lend themselves particularly well to positive childhood language and comprehension skills development: Continue reading

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Holiday Gifts for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Lori Warner, Ph.D., Director, HOPE Center, Center for Human Development

This time of year, many of us give gifts to share our appreciation and love for the important people in our lives.  It can often be challenging to know what to buy, especially when a child has special needs.  Because autism is a spectrum disorder, and kids with autism are kids first and foremost, there is no one gift that will do the trick for all kids with autism.

Beau with giftsYears ago, I heard Elaine Hall, founder of The Miracle Project, speak about this very topic, and as I was writing this, I found that she has a recent article you can read in full here. I’ll share some highlights from Elaine’s article with ideas from us at the Beaumont Children’s Hospital HOPE Center on our Facebook page as well.

It can be difficult for families to receive gifts that they know their children are not yet able to play with, or are not yet motivated to engage in.  The most important thing you can do is ASK! Ask the family what their child finds most exciting.  If it’s appropriate to buy it, go ahead.  Even if it’s not what all the other 5-year-olds are into this year, it may be exactly what that child loves and will truly enjoy.

You can also ask about what would be great “next step” gifts – something that would be interesting but a little challenging. Many families of kids with autism must work hard to expand the range of toys their children enjoy. Find out what might be something similar to the best-loved toys, but just new or varied enough so it will promote growth and learning.

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Anti-bullying Superheroes

by Marlene Seltzer, M.D., medical director of Beaumont Children’s Hospital’s No Bullying, Live Empowered (NoBLE) program

To raise bullying awareness during National Bullying Prevention Month, I worked with Beaumont Children’s Hospital child life specialists to host a special design contest for pediatric patients. The participants were instructed to design their very own anti-bullying superhero. Below are just a few of the great submissions we received. It was so inspiring and encouraging to see that a majority of these newly created superheroes were using their words rather than force to defeat their bullies.

We used this contest as a way to reinforce to these young individuals that no one ever deserves to be bullied and there is always somewhere to turn for help.

About NoBLE

NoBLE offers a network of clinical services to address the critical needs of children, adolescents, young adults, parents, caregivers and educators who have been exposed to bullying as a bully, victim or bystander/witness. Contact us at 248-898-9951 to learn
more about how we can help.

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Paws visits Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Dave Dombrowski, Detroit Tigers President and General Manager, isn’t the only person on the team making moves these days. Beaumont Children’s Hospital’s child life specialists, along with For a Day Foundation and Ilitch Charities, surprised our patients with a special visit from – Paws!

Paws and his crew traveled to our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Garden and then visited patient rooms armed with Tigers posters, hats and other memorabilia for our little fans. Thank you to everybody involved in making this exciting day possible!

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