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Give Yourself a Break


by Sue Aubuchon, Benefits Manager, Beaumont Health System

Why you should take a vacationWhen was the last time you took a vacation?  If it takes more than 5 seconds to answer this question, it’s been too long! According to a 2010 survey, Expedia found that the average American earned 18 vacation days – but only used 14 of them. And according to Expedia’s data, only 38 percent of Americans said they used all of their vacation time, compared to 63 percent of French respondents.

Here are a few benefits of taking vacation time:

Time off allows you to spend quality time with family and friends.

  • Vacations allow the body to replenish and repair itself.
  • Time off inspires creativity. We come up with our best ideas when we’re relaxed.
  • You get the time to just have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • Taking time off actually improves your work performance.

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Tools to De-stress Your Life


by Karen Armstrong, Manager Clinical Massage, Beaumont Integrative Medicine

destress_toolsYou are incredibly busy putting forth your best effort at work, running a home, taking care of your children or your parents (or both) and trying to have a relationship and a personal life.  In addition, you may be worrying about the current economic situation and the impact on your own financial situation. In the middle of it all, you’ve got tight shoulders, chronic headaches, you’re not sleeping, you feel anxious and you don’t feel as if there is any place to stop to rest for one moment.

There is. And it’s called integrative medicine.

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