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Student volunteers experience emergency medicine apprenticeship

Congratulations to five college student who recently completed our new Emergency Medicine Apprenticeship in December.

The five student volunteers, who were picked out of many applicants, were: Alexis Allen, Brandon Hana, Diane Hermiz, Brett LeVesseur and Katie Schell. They were selected as student volunteers for a three-month program, which kicked off last October.

Emergency apprentices

Theses health-care students got a look at how the Emergency Center operates day-to-day at Beaumont. The apprenticeship program gives students the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with emergency physicians, nurses, physician assistants and technicians.

The program had the students providing comfort care to emergency patients, performing patient screenings, transporting patients and assisting with medical-supply stocking. They also attended lectures  and workshops on health care and medical issues, observed procedures, shadowed physicians and participated in simulation labs.

Jeffrey Ditkoff, M.D., director of Emergency Medicine Operations, is behind the apprenticeship program.

“The student volunteers were incredibly enthusiastic and hard-working,” Dr. Ditkoff says. “They all had a great time participating in the program, and they inspired the physicians they worked with to remember the things that led us to go into medicine in the first place.”

Beaumont’s Emergency Medicine Apprenticeship is available to current volunteers who meet the program’s criteria. If you’re interested in becoming a Beaumont volunteer, learn more or register here.

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