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Beaumont Nurse is Rose Bowl Bound

Kevin and LisaLisa Muma, a Beaumont pediatric oncology nurse, hasn’t missed a Michigan State University football game in the past four years – including bowl games. It isn’t just because she’s a huge Spartans fan. Lisa’s son, Kevin, is Michigan State’s kickoff specialist.

As the perfect send-off to his football career at MSU, Kevin and his teammates will be competing in this year’s Rose Bowl (Jan. 1, 4:30 p.m.) in Pasadena, California against the Stanford University Cardinals. Lisa, of course, will be there to cheer the Spartans on.

“Our family will be flying in on Saturday the 28th and will be staying in LA. We have a very strong parent group and have planned a big tailgate for the prior to the game. We will be able to visit with our sons for short periods of time during the week prior to the game,” says Lisa. “The team will leave for Pasadena on Christmas day.”

With Kevin’s college football career coming to an end, Lisa says she’ll miss traveling to the games and meeting up with the families before and after the games. Kevin began playing football in 7th grade and played at Troy High School before attending Michigan State.

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Holiday gifts to promote childhood speech and language development

by Kristina Frimmel, pediatric speech pathology supervisor, Beaumont Children’s Hospital

The holidays are here!  And with them comes the barrage of toy catalogs in the mailbox.

beau_giftsThere are many great gifts for kids out there that will captivate your little ones for hours and hours while providing the added benefit of promoting healthy childhood speech and language development along with other important childhood skills. As you start checking things off that holiday gift list, consider the following tips from the Speech and Language Pathology Center at Beaumont Children’s Hospital.

In general, when picking out toys for your child look for gifts that introduce your toddler to new concepts, like cause and effect (ball poppers, wind-up toys, hammer toys, etc.) or toys with different textures (soft vs. hard, fuzzy, squishy).

As you browse online or travel through the aisles, think too about how you will encourage your child to interact with the toys. This may be the greatest opportunity for parents to turn a toy into driver of healthy speech and language development. For example, look for:

  • ways to increase verbal expressive skills. For example, your child must say “go” to make the car go down the ramp or must say “more” to get the bunny to hop.
  • ways to increase comprehension skills. Ask your child to respond to requests or questions about the toy. For example: give me the big car, show me eat, touch the phone, what is the baby doing?
  • ways to increase functional play skills: Help your child learn about the world around us by using common objects and playing appropriately with each item (i.e. talk on phone, make the car drive).

Here are a few holiday gift ideas that lend themselves particularly well to positive childhood language and comprehension skills development: Continue reading

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Extra Life | Meet Jason Evangelho


Jason Evangelho is a Tech Contributor at Forbes and currently lives is Las Vegas. We asked Jason a few questions about his gaming habits, why he’s participating in Extra Life and what is his favorite game of all time. If you’d like to make a donation to Jason, click Support Me at the bottom of the page.

How did you hear about Extra Life and why did you decide to become involved?

I was a fan of Sarcastic Gamer way back in the day before getting into tech and games journalism, and heard about the initiative directly from the source. What triggered my involvement last year was the Extra Life presence at E3.

Do you have any relationship with Beaumont Children’s Hospital or just playing for the closest CMN affiliate?

My wife has had multiple family members receive excellent care there throughout the years, and though we’ve moved away from Michigan, we still wanted to support a hospital that had that kind of impact.

How will you be preparing for the 25-hour gaming marathon?

Good question! This year it’s 25 hours (an hour longer than previous years), so the stakes are even higher. I was thinking a caffeine I.V. drip. In all seriousness though, it’s the fans on the livestream, the constant encouragement from readers, and the donations coming in that provide the endurance and adrenalin to push through.

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Three-year-old’s speech progress melts mom’s heart

Troy is a charming and happy 3-year-old with an infectious laugh. His bright eyes and incredible attitude can light up a room. Until recently though, something was missing from the friendly and energetic little boy’s life – words.

Troy’s inability to speak made it very difficult for him to do a number of things, including making friends. His mother shares the following story:

Other kids Troy’s age would attempt to play with him, and gosh did he ever want to play. When they would ask him his name or if he wanted to play, Troy wouldn’t respond. Too many times I heard, “Oh, he’s just a baby.” The other kids would then run off thinking he was too young to play with them. Troy would stand to the side and quietly watch the other kids, unsure of how to involve himself. He looked so sad! After a while he would just come sit with me and cuddle.  It broke my heart to see him left out.

Troy with Mehreen, one of his rehab peeps.

Troy poses with Mehreen Kakwan his Beaumont speech pathologist.

In April, Troy’s mother brought him to Beaumont Children’s Hospital for evaluation by the experts in our Pediatric Speech and Language Pathology department. He was diagnosed with severe verbal apraxia – an inability to consistently coordinate the parts of the mouth involved in speech (lips, tongue and lower jaw) to create words and sounds. Troy was also diagnosed with a severe expressive language delay and a moderate receptive language delay.

With financial assistance provided through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Lions Clubs of Southeast Michigan, Troy began treatment in June. Much of the treatment features a play-based approach that allows Troy to incorporate toys he chooses himself into each session. His favorites so far have been the doll house and barn.

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A prehistoric party!

While The Croods were busy topping the box office charts last week, Guy’s pet sloth, Belt, swung into Beaumont Children’s Hospital to visit some of our pediatric patients. Traditionally not the fastest animal, Belt made his way to visit many of the kids and check out the pediatric garden.

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Sunny Day, Sweepin’ the clouds away

Cookie Monster and Elmo, on a vacation from Sesame Street and in town at the Fox Theatre in Detroit performing Sesame Street Live, made their way to Beaumont Children’s Hospital to visit with some of our patients and families. Many of the patients are unable to go out and see the show, so Cookie Monster and Elmo brought the show to them and performed the “Cookie Crumba Rumba” in the Children’s Miracle Network Garden area.

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The residents of Hotel Transylvania check in at Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Murray the mummy, along with his friends Johnny-stein and Frankenstein (from Hotel Transylvania), visited Beaumont Children’s Hospital to dance, high-five and meet with many of our youngest patients.

The kids were given prizes, personalized photos and copies of the movie to enjoy on movie nights in the Children’s Miracle Network Garden. Thanks for stopping by!

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Channel 955’s Spike visits Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Mojo in the Morning DJ, Spike, visited Beaumont Children’s Hospital for a quick tour and update on some of our new programs:

NoBLE, Support for Bullied Children

The No Bullying Live Empowered (NoBLE) Program is a Beaumont Children’s Hospital program providing integrated educational and counseling services to provide support for bullied children and families affected by bullying.

BRIDGE Program

Launched in November 2012, Beaumont’s BRIDGE program offers intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization options for adolescent eating disorder patients and families who are committed to recovery.

“Mommy Thumb”

Pediatric orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating diseases of the bones and joints.

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A day long remembered | A visit by the 501st and Rebel Legions

Thank you to the members of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, who were on hand at Beaumont Children’s Hospital yesterday to spread some holiday (and galactic) cheer to our patients and their families!

Our patients, families AND staff always look forward to and appreciate the visits. The 501st and Rebel Legion both provide a collective identity for costuming fans with similar interests and also put their resources to good use through fundraising, volunteerism and appearances like this one.

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Signs Your Child May Have an Eating Disorder

by Kathleen A. Mammel, M.D.

Today, approximately three percent of American teens have an eating disorder. It’s a problem that is far more prevalent than most people think. Almost all young people who have such a disorder exhibit signs that parents can recognize if they just know where to look.

Parent involvement is critical not only in identifying a disorder, but also in helping a teen recover from it. If your child exhibits any combination of the signs below, seek the advice of a medical professional immediately.

Signs your child may have an eating disorder include:

  • weight loss, failure to gain, or marked fluctuations in weight
  • feeling cold when others are not
  • dizziness, “blacking out” of vision, or fainting
  • chest pain or heart palpitations
  • feeling full after little food intake

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