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When Pigs Fly

The expression “when pigs fly” is used in situations that feel impossible. When Stan was admitted to the inpatient rehab unit at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, he felt the probability of getting back to normal life was just that – impossible.

when pigs flyAfter suffering a stroke, Stan was discouraged by the fact that his rehab process would take him several weeks to get back some of his normal functions. Through the discouragement, Stan kept his great sense of humor and a lot of motivation to get better, even though he wished the rehab was an overnight fix. He started to joke with the therapy staff that he would not get out of the unit to go home until “pigs fly.”

With that thought in mind, the whole therapy and nursing team went with his joke and drew a picture of a pig flying on his board where the usual discharge date is designated.  It was a great way to get over the discouragement and his motivation shot through the roof. At 60, Stan was still an avid hockey player and was committed to get back home play once again. Since he’s an athlete, the staff was able to motivate and push him like a driven, rehabbing athlete.

Finally, the day came that Stan was being discharged. Cathy, his wife, came to the gym with a box full of flying toy pigs for the therapy team to surprise him with. When he was ready to go, he was wheeled to the gym that he had spent so much time rehabbing in, only this time instead of physical therapy equipment, the staff that had worked with him for the past month were all holding the flying pigs.

“It was hilarious. I knew that it meant I was going home,” Stan said. “I’d like to thank all of the staff again and let them know they’re wonderful people.”

It was a very emotional moment for Stan, as well as everybody he had interacted with. All of his caregivers – physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, nurses and aides – signed his flying pig before he left, as a reminder that he could do the impossible.


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8 questions with our Challenge Detroit participant

Ali Beydoun is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan and current Challenge Detroit participant. While at the University of Michigan, Ali earned his Bachelor of Science degree with Distinction in Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science. Ali is from Dearborn.

What made you want to get involved with Challenge Detroit?

While at U of M, I began to understand the importance of doing the most good in every possible situation.  This motive is what compelled me to apply to the Challenge Detroit program.  My whole life, I wanted to be a doctor.  This is still the case, but before I attend medical school I want to have hands-on experience and give back to the community that raised me. After deciding to take a gap year before applying to and matriculating in medical school, Challenge Detroit posed the perfect year long initiative to satiate my philanthropic appetite, as well as give me exposure to the Paris of the West through a unique and comprehensive lens.

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Beaumont’s Top 5 Social Moments of 2012

We’ve put together our list of the most memorable social media stories from Beaumont for 2012 – heartwarming stories, a cowboy, a live-tweeted surgery and much more! We’re looking forward to another action-packed 2013 and sharing more amazing stories from Beaumont Health System.


Back in March we held a baby story contest through the Beaumont Facebook page asking for parents to share their child’s birth story. Winners were announced on Mother’s Day and you can check out a recap here.


In August, Leslie, a former Beaumont cowboyBeaumont stroke patient, rode his horses all the way from Dublin, Texas to Beaumont to visit his vascular surgeon and show him the progress he’s made. What a trip!

Here he is with Angel, one of the horses he brought on the five-and-a-half month journey.


Beaumont medical transportA photo appearing on the homepage of Yahoo! in November showed medical transportation workers from Beaumont Health System assisting in the evacuation of patients from New York’s Bellevue Hospital after Hurricane Sandy.

According to the article, “About 500 patients at the city hospital near the East River in Manhattan are affected. Bellevue has one of the busiest emergency departments in the city.”


One of our Twitter followers nonchalantly asked for her life to be narrated by the voice of the Beaumont commercials. Since we couldn’t narrate her whole life, we had to settle for having our voice read back some of her tweets:


Earlier this month, Beaumont became one of just a handful of hospitals to live tweet a surgery, when Charlotte Ponce went in for her fifth surgery in as many months. The surgery was a milestone in reconstructing Charlotte’s nose after a raccoon attack left her severely disfigured when she was an infant.

Check out this photo gallery of her progress from the Grand Rapids Press.

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Angioplasty: time is a factor

Robert Swor, M.D., emergency medicine, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, talks about a recent article appearing in the Wall Street Journal about evidence showing that, “every minute hospitals can shave off ‘door to balloon’ time lowers a patient’s risk of death and serious damage to the heart muscle.”

The sooner a heart attack patient arriving to an emergency center gets an angioplasty, the lower the patient’s risk of serious damage to the heart muscle or death. At Beaumont, Royal Oak, we average 67 minutes for standard treatment with angioplasty when entering our emergency center. That entails the time it takes from the patient entering the hospital to getting the angioplasty completed, which is a procedure where a catheter with a small balloon is inserted and inflated to open a blocked artery.

According to the article, the standard for hospitals to meet is 90 minutes or less. Beaumont has been a leader in providing such “reperfusion therapy” for heart attack patients and was one of the first hospitals in the world to routinely provide emergency angioplasty to these patients. Beaumont has a multidisciplinary team that continuously works to shorten our “door to balloon” times.

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