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New plush pets help reassure pediatric patients

Patients at Beaumont Children’s Hospital can rest a little easier knowing they’ll have Josh the Golden Retriever at their bedside.

Josh is a plush Golden Retriever that comes with his own easy-to-tote doghouse and a book called “I’ll Be OK.”  The book describes Josh’s adventure to getting well and is used to reassure children during their hospital stay and teach them what to expect from their health care adventure.

Ben, Andy and Ann Glime, from the Jaag Plush Toy Company based in Troy, MI, in partnership with  The Josh and Friends Project, recently donated more than 40 plush puppies, books and portable dog houses to Beaumont. Josh and Friends also partner with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Beaumont’s Child Life Specialists and nursing staff  will make sure that Josh is given to children who need special comfort or education.


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Buzzy Takes the Sting Out

Beaumont Children’s Hospital has a new tool to help children with the pain and fear of needles.  Buzzy is a small bee that uses cold and vibration to distract a child from injections, immunizations and IVs. Children and staff are finding that Buzzy, a small bee that holds a disposable ice pack, is essential for decreasing anxiety and pain. A parent, nurse or Child Life Specialist holds Buzzy on the injection site briefly, then, just as the injection is ready, moves it away from the site while maintaining contact with the child’s skin.

BuzzyA recent study in the American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, found that the use of Buzzy “decreased perceived pain and reduced children’s anxiety during blood specimen collection.”

This engaging little bee is accompanied by distraction cards that engross children in puzzles throughout their experience. Often children want and need to be distracted during medical procedures and Buzzy is a wonderful option. Buzzy is available in Pediatrics, PICU and the Pediatric Emergency Center.

Using Buzzy with children is one more way that Beaumont Children’s Hospital demonstrates its excellence in caring for children.

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The Two (Treasure) Towers

As a way to motivate and reward children undergoing medical procedures, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, has introduced the treasure tower reward system.

Treasure tower“Before a child has a procedure done, they’re given a golden token that they can use at the treasure tower once their procedure is over,” says Kathleen Grobbel, supervisor of Child Life Services, Beaumont Children’s Hospital. These coin-operated toy dispensers can be found at two different locations in the main hospital, including 5 South Pediatrics and Pediatric Short Stay, with an additional treasure tower at the outpatient lab in the Medical Office Building.

Each treasure tower offers eight varieties of novelty items for children to choose from, including jewelery, bouncy balls and other small toys.

“Prior to the treasure towers, we used to have toy bins, which were difficult to maintain, more expensive to fill and less popular with the kids,” says Kathleen. “Not only do the kids enjoy the treasure towers, but so do their families.”

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