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Tools to De-stress Your Life


by Karen Armstrong, Manager Clinical Massage, Beaumont Integrative Medicine

destress_toolsYou are incredibly busy putting forth your best effort at work, running a home, taking care of your children or your parents (or both) and trying to have a relationship and a personal life.  In addition, you may be worrying about the current economic situation and the impact on your own financial situation. In the middle of it all, you’ve got tight shoulders, chronic headaches, you’re not sleeping, you feel anxious and you don’t feel as if there is any place to stop to rest for one moment.

There is. And it’s called integrative medicine.

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Address Your Stress


Stress Awareness MonthFamily.




All factors that contribute to your stress level. April is National Stress Awareness month and a recent survey showed that eight in ten employed Americans are stressed out by at least one thing about their jobs. The focus of the Beaumont Blog this week is going to be achieving a work-life balance and de-stressing your life.

Tuesday – Dr. Luke Elliott, Beaumont family medicine, will discuss how stress has a negative impact on your health and takes a toll on your body.

Wednesday – Lucy Sternburgh, Beaumont Employee Wellness & Community Health Promotion Manager, explains the small steps you can take at work that will result in healthy gains.

Thursday – Integrative medicine offers solutions for dealing with stress and anxiety. Karen Armstrong, Beaumont integrative medicine, talks about the variety of services available.

Friday – Spending time away from the office and unplugging from your daily work is an important piece of unwinding and de-stressing. We’ll talk about the importance of your vacation time.

According to an infographic from OnlinePsychologyDegree.net, 28.8% of Americans will suffer anxiety in their lifetime; more than anywhere else in the world.

So there you have it, a week’s worth of posts dedicated to your mental health and well-being.  Subscribe to blog to receive email updates or keep checking back this week to see how you can “address your stress”! What are your major causes of stress? How do you unwind and relax?

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