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10 Important Facts about Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

by Kathleen Mammel, M.D., director of Adolescent Medicine, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak; medical director of the Hough Center for Eating Disorders at Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Eating disorders are serious biologic, psychological and developmental illnesses with life-threatening physical and psychological complications regardless of an individual’s weight.

  1. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder.
  2. Eating disorders affect males and females of every size, as well as all ethnicities and all levels of wealth and education.
  3. Even people of average weight can have eating disorders. Even people who are overweight can be improperly nourished or engage in unhealthy weight control practices, such as restrictive dieting, purging, use of diet pills or binge eating
  4. Eating disorders don’t always start with dieting or other behaviors aimed at weight loss.  Medical illness or psychological symptoms can interfere with nutrition and simultaneously disrupt brain chemistry leading to an eating disorder.
  5. An eating disorder should be considered as the possible cause of significant weight loss in any otherwise healthy individual. Continue reading
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Channel 955’s Spike visits Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Mojo in the Morning DJ, Spike, visited Beaumont Children’s Hospital for a quick tour and update on some of our new programs:

NoBLE, Support for Bullied Children

The No Bullying Live Empowered (NoBLE) Program is a Beaumont Children’s Hospital program providing integrated educational and counseling services to provide support for bullied children and families affected by bullying.

BRIDGE Program

Launched in November 2012, Beaumont’s BRIDGE program offers intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization options for adolescent eating disorder patients and families who are committed to recovery.

“Mommy Thumb”

Pediatric orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating diseases of the bones and joints.

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Signs Your Child May Have an Eating Disorder

by Kathleen A. Mammel, M.D.

Today, approximately three percent of American teens have an eating disorder. It’s a problem that is far more prevalent than most people think. Almost all young people who have such a disorder exhibit signs that parents can recognize if they just know where to look.

Parent involvement is critical not only in identifying a disorder, but also in helping a teen recover from it. If your child exhibits any combination of the signs below, seek the advice of a medical professional immediately.

Signs your child may have an eating disorder include:

  • weight loss, failure to gain, or marked fluctuations in weight
  • feeling cold when others are not
  • dizziness, “blacking out” of vision, or fainting
  • chest pain or heart palpitations
  • feeling full after little food intake

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