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Update in Women’s Heart Health

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in women, affecting 500,000 women annually.  Women are more likely than men to die after a first heart attack and are even more likely to suffer a second heart attack.

Dr. Pam Marcovitz, medical director of Beaumont’s Ministrelli Women’s Heart Center, led the Update in Women’s Heart Health conference that focused on highlighting gender differences in the identification and treatment of heart disease.

“A startling number of women, almost half, say they would not call 911 when they are experiencing heart attack symptoms. Calling 911 for symptoms of heart attack is critical in order to receive life-saving treatment with stenting. It is very important that we continue to educate women on the signs and symptoms of heart attack and share ways to prevent heart disease,” says Dr. Marcovitz.

Heart Conference - Evo

Beaumont’s Intergrative Medicine program includes a variety of treatments including acupuncture, massage therapy and guided imagery.

Also included in today’s conference was a focus on techniques for reducing stress and the benefits of yoga.

Gail Evo, director of integrative medicine at Beaumont, says, “Whether people are healthy or fighting an illness, it is important to have services and programs to support healing and wellness.”

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Tools to De-stress Your Life


by Karen Armstrong, Manager Clinical Massage, Beaumont Integrative Medicine

destress_toolsYou are incredibly busy putting forth your best effort at work, running a home, taking care of your children or your parents (or both) and trying to have a relationship and a personal life.  In addition, you may be worrying about the current economic situation and the impact on your own financial situation. In the middle of it all, you’ve got tight shoulders, chronic headaches, you’re not sleeping, you feel anxious and you don’t feel as if there is any place to stop to rest for one moment.

There is. And it’s called integrative medicine.

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