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Ensuring the daddy-daughter dance will go on

Daddy-daughter danceIt’s what daddies do. They dance with their daughters at their weddings. But a heart attack and subsequent stroke put that tradition in jeopardy for Jim Marin and his daughter Lisa.

He was always a dancer. In fact, Jim and his wife Lydia used to win dancing competitions. They could really burn the floor with a good disco song.

But on Dec. 18, he began having chest pain, so at his doctor’s office, Jim received an EKG. “The doctor said I needed to go to Beaumont right away,” he recalls. “I drove myself there and was admitted. During the heart cath, I was given two stents, but in the course of the procedure, a piece of plaque broke away and I had a small stroke.”

The stroke affected his cerebellum, the part of the brain responsible for balance, movement-related functions and posture. For a guy who likes to dance, this was not good news.

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