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“When it comes to cyber security, we’re not competitors.”

copley_senateDoug Copley, Beaumont’s Director of IT Security, recently testified before the Michigan Senate Energy and Technology Committee regarding cyber security issues in health care. He was one of about six people testifying that represented different public sector industries.

During his testimony, Doug, who is also chair of the Michigan Healthcare Cyber Security Council, recommended a health care information sharing center to protect against cyber attacks. Sen. Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek) responded with interest at looking for a funding source.

“We don’t have the funding to do some of these activities ourselves, and so we want a common capability that we can all leverage,” he said. “When it comes to cyber security, we’re not competitors.”

According to David Miller, chief security officer for information technology company Covisint, there were 132 million unsuccessful hack attacks in the first half of 2013 and billions of phishing attacks.

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Beaumont: A Bicycle Friendly Business

Today is the League of American Bicyclists’ national Bike to Work Day and this morning, Beaumont Health System and Oakland County unveiled a new bicycle-friendly, commuter map of southeastern Oakland County.

L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive, and Gene Michalski, Beaumont President and CEO, were on-hand to unveil the new map and greet some of the Beaumont employees commuting in to work via bicycle.

Beaumont, Royal Oak was also recently designated a 2013 Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists.

Explains Matthew Faraday, avid cyclist and Beaumont nurse, who helped create the new Oakland County bike map, “We’re honored to win this national award. It recognizes a visionary group of more than 500 businesses, including Microsoft, General Mills, Patagonia and Steelcase. Bicycling is another great way to raise the environmental consciousness of our employees and area residents.”

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Conquering Chiari

These purple and orange bracelets were given to the family from Beaumont's neuroscience department in support of this important day.

These purple and orange bracelets were gifts to the family from Beaumont’s neuroscience department in support of this important day. Purple is the official color of chiari awareness.

The VanBaak family woke up this morning knowing that not one, but two of their children would be undergoing surgery today. Parker, 5, and Zoey, 7, were both diagnosed with chiari malformation and are undergoing chiari decompression surgeries one right after another.

Chiari malformation is a neurological disorder where the bottom part of the brain, the cerebellum, descends out of the skull and crowds the spinal cord, putting pressure on both brain and spine.

Their surgeon, Dr. Holly Gilmer, medical director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Beaumont, believes that having both children in recovery at the same time will cause less stress on the family than scheduling the surgeries on different days.

While the family sits anxiously in the waiting area, they’ve been visited by members of the Southeastern Michigan Chiari Support Group throughout the day. Bronx, one of the support group’s therapy dogs, also spent time with the family to alleviate some stress.

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Stay on the slopes: Prevent skiing and snowboarding injuries

by James Bicos, M.D. and Joseph Guettler, M.D., board-certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeons, Beaumont Health System

Skiing/snowboarding safetyMillions of people across Michigan and around the country enjoy skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. Despite widespread popularity of these sports, few participants really prepare for the amount of stress carving up a slope can put on the human body. Many snow sports injuries can be prevented through common sense, proper equipment and proper conditioning.

The most common types of skiing or snowboarding injuries are caused by dangerous terrain, collisions and falling or exiting lifts. Issues that can increase your risk of injury include:

  • fatigue and time spent on slopes without adequate rest
  • faulty or improper equipment
  • dehydration
  • altitude sickness
  • not observing posted warning signs
  • skiing or snowboarding above your ability level

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Beaumont Medical Transportation assisting storm victims in New York

ground_transport_beaumont(Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News)

A photo appearing on the homepage of Yahoo! today shows medical transportation workers from Beaumont Health System assisting in the evacuation of patients from New York’s Bellevue Hospital. According to the article, “About 500 patients at the city hospital near the East River in Manhattan are affected. Bellevue has one of the busiest emergency departments in the city.”

(Notice one of the workers with the Detroit Tigers baseball cap showing some Detroit love.)

Update: We were lucky enough to get some additional photos from some of our transport workers live on the scene. You’ll see some photos of the destruction of the storm as well as the lines of ambulances there to assist.

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Heard any big news today?

To design a national model for health care, Beaumont Health System and Henry Ford Health System have signed a letter of intent to combine their operations into a new $6.4 billion organization.

Our new organization will be one of the most comprehensive health systems in Michigan, as measured by revenue and patients served. We will have one of the largest residency and fellowship programs and work with some 7,000 physicians across Southeast Michigan.

Integrating these two organizations — already recognized for high value and patient care excellence — will allow us to improve care for our patients throughout Michigan and beyond.

What does today’s announcement mean for patients?
A combined 10 hospitals and 200 other patient care sites will give Henry Ford Health System and Beaumont Health System patients greater access to and better coordination of care with a large selection of medical centers and hospitals near their homes.

Learn more at www.FutureCareForMichigan.com.

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