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Is the Super Bowl harmful to your heart?

Studies suggest stress from big games may trigger heart attacks

big_game_heart_attackHot wings, nachos, sliders on one!

With Super Bowl XLVIII just days away, the hype is reaching fever pitch. This annual NFL championship football game will be seen my millions around the world.

Fatty, salty foods and beer on two!

Broncos, Seahawks, office pools. Omaha!

Studies suggest that big games, like the Super Bowl, may trigger heart attacks in fans due to stress.

Beaumont cardiologist, Steven Almany, M.D., weighs in, “There have been a number of studies linking big games in World Cup soccer and the Super Bowl with fan heart attacks and other cardiovascular episodes.”

Researchers also noted that along with stress, food and drink consumed on Super Bowl Sunday may also be responsible. Is the Super Bowl and the overconsumption of party foods the perfect health storm for some fans?

“There’s no doubt that stress, acts as an emotional trigger, setting off physical changes to the body. When heart rates rise, so too, does blood pressure, increasing the heart’s oxygen demand. While this is happening, the size of coronary arteries can decrease. The decrease in oxygen delivery is not good, especially for those men and women with known heart disease.”

“The overeating, combined with alcohol doesn’t bode well either.”

So, is there a connection to the Super Bowl and heart attacks?

Adds Dr. Almany, “Maybe, for some, but more research needs to be done. Above all, fans need to remember it’s just a game, and that includes Lions fans who’ve experienced long-term heartbreak. Take your medications as prescribed. Eat and drink in moderation. Enjoy.”

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Sibling Rivalry at the Super Bowl

by Kelly Ryan, LMSW, Beaumont Parenting Program

Photo credit: 49ers.com

John & Jackie Harbaugh
Photo credit: 49ers.com

There is plenty of talk about sibling rivalry in the news this week with the Harbaugh brothers (Jim, San Francisco 49ers coach and John, Baltimore Ravens coach) squaring off on Sunday at the Super Bowl, but how much do we actually know about sibling rivalry and how much could it affect the outcome?

Sibling rivalry can begin even before the second child is born and usually continues throughout childhood. It can be displayed in multiple ways, sometimes as competitive behavior or jealousy, and can even escalate to physical fighting.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with sibling rivalry:

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A Healthy Audible on Your Game Day Snacks

Healthy Super Bowl snacksby Rebecca DaSilva, R.D., Beaumont Weight Control Center

Behind Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest eating holiday for Americans. While the food served at Thanksgiving can be treacherous to a dieter, Super Bowl Sunday has less redeeming qualities.

Did you know that:

  • The National Chicken Council is reporting that 1.23 billion fried chicken wings will be consumed during the football game?
  • Some pizza makers expect to sell twice the number of pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year?

We asked our fans and followers for their recommendations on the best Super Bowl snacks and were hit with a pretty standard list: pizza, dip, chili and chicken wings.

Your Super Bowl party may not be complete without these foods, so here are healthy version of each:

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