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Introducing Dr. Hauser, Clinical Psychologist, Center for Human Development

Jessica Hauser, Ph.D.The Beaumont Children’s Hospital Center for Human Development is a comprehensive program for the diagnosis and treatment of learning, behavioral and developmental disorders. Jessica Hauser, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, is the newest member of the team.

As a native of southeast Michigan, Dr. Hauser had been looking for an opportunity to come back to this area after eight years in Ohio and a year in Western Pennsylvania. The majority of her family and friends are within an hour to two-hour drive of Metro Detroit, and she’ll become an aunt for the first time this August!

What drew you to Beaumont and the Center for Human Development?

On a professional level, I was certainly drawn to Beaumont’s excellent reputation and the opportunity to be a part of the growing Beaumont Children’s Hospital. I enjoy being a part of a team committed to improving the health and well-being of children. In addition to taking great care of our patients, Beaumont Health System also takes great care of its employees. I love the hospital’s emphasis on the well-being of the employee as a whole person, not just as a worker. It’s nice to work for a company that recognizes the importance of their employees’ health, well-being and work-life balance.

What are the unique aspects of the Center for Human Development?

I really appreciate our multidisciplinary approach to care. We have a wonderful team of psychologists, physicians, counselors, tutors and support staff who provide a thorough, well-rounded approach to patient care.  I also think we do a great job of involving patients’ families, teachers, and other important individuals in the child’s life, as appropriate.

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Address Your Stress


Stress Awareness MonthFamily.




All factors that contribute to your stress level. April is National Stress Awareness month and a recent survey showed that eight in ten employed Americans are stressed out by at least one thing about their jobs. The focus of the Beaumont Blog this week is going to be achieving a work-life balance and de-stressing your life.

Tuesday – Dr. Luke Elliott, Beaumont family medicine, will discuss how stress has a negative impact on your health and takes a toll on your body.

Wednesday – Lucy Sternburgh, Beaumont Employee Wellness & Community Health Promotion Manager, explains the small steps you can take at work that will result in healthy gains.

Thursday – Integrative medicine offers solutions for dealing with stress and anxiety. Karen Armstrong, Beaumont integrative medicine, talks about the variety of services available.

Friday – Spending time away from the office and unplugging from your daily work is an important piece of unwinding and de-stressing. We’ll talk about the importance of your vacation time.

According to an infographic from OnlinePsychologyDegree.net, 28.8% of Americans will suffer anxiety in their lifetime; more than anywhere else in the world.

So there you have it, a week’s worth of posts dedicated to your mental health and well-being.  Subscribe to blog to receive email updates or keep checking back this week to see how you can “address your stress”! What are your major causes of stress? How do you unwind and relax?

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